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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

we recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothes to allow for movement during assessment and practice proper hygiene before coming in for a treatment.

What should I expect from my first treatment?

You can expect to arrive a little early insure the proper paperwork and insurance information is in order. You can expect your therapist to go through a verbal consultation to assure the treatment is appropriate and safe for you before preforming some assessment and providing the agreed upon course of treatment.

What is Deep Tissue?

Here at Bodylogic, we stray away from the term "deep tissue" for the simple fact that each individual perceives deep or heavy pressure differently. What may be deep tissue to you, may not be considered deep tissue to the next person. Let us know what your treatment goals are and we will better fit you with one of our therapists instead.

Should I shower right after my treatment?

We recommend that if you are prone to sensitive skin and a lotion, gel or oil was used on you, that you rinse off when you get home to avoid irritation. Showering after a massage is not always immediately necessary but if you get a reaction, please notify your therapist. All our therapists use fragment free, gentle lotions, oils, or gels.

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