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Strength, Balance, Integrity

Our Team: About

Shelly Rhoades

RMT, Clinic Owner

Shelly graduated in 1996 from Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies Inc. and opened Bodylogic shortly after. She specializing in assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunctions, keniso taping, cupping & stretch therapy, and Istem blading therapy. She has over 20 years of experience in the field and is committed to individualizing client treatment plans.

PLEASE NOTE; In reflection of her years of experience, Shelly will be charging new clients $100 for 60 minute treatments.

*Direct bills to most insurance companies*


Cindy Barnes


Cindy Barnes has been in the practice of Massage Therapy since 2005.  She is certified in pregnancy massage, TMJ therapy, and nerve mobilization.

Active in kids sport, she has spent over twenty years coaching and mentoring young athletes.  Focusing on their injury and rehab need to ensure they could succeed in their specialized sports.

Another interest for Cindy is the Autonomic Nervous System and the impact massage therapy and Sport can have on this system. Cindy still welcomes new clients.

*Direct bills to most insurance companies*


Jayme Egilson


Jayme graduated in 2013 from The Massage Therapy College of Manitoba. She enjoys helping and working with people of all ages. She is passionate about her career and the positive effect massage therapy has on her clients. Jayme is trained in myofascial release, trigger point, kinesio taping, therapeutic and sports massage.

*Direct bills to most insurance companies*


Leona Waldner


Leona graduated from Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies Inc. in 2017. During her time in school she took various courses such as; Breast Massage, Lymphatic Therapy, and Fascia Integration. Leona uses assessment to create an individualized treatment for her clients in order to give them their best outcome. She enjoys working with neck, TMJ (jaw) and pelvic dysfunctions. 

Leona is proactive when it comes to continuing her education, even after graduation. She has taken basic and advanced Cupping workshops to enhance her facial integration with clients as she sees fit. 

She has completed her certification in Breast Cancer Rehabilitation in 2018. This training allows her to work with clients that are going through or overcoming Breast Cancer.

In 2020, Leona completed her Certification in Lymphedema Therapy through Klose Training and is specializing in treating clients with Lymphedema and other edema related issues. Utilizing her knowledge of the different causes, she is able to provide a Complex Decongestive Therapy treatment tailored to the specific needs of her client. 

Leona is now on the Board of Directors for the Lymphedema Association of Manitoba (LAM) and you can follow her on instagram @lymph.logic and @LeonaWaldnerRMT

*Direct bills to most insurance companies*


Chloe Wiebe


Chloe graduated from Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies inc. in 2019.  She uses a thorough assessment of the skeletal system to pinpoint the cause of each clients complaint and create an individualized treatment plan.  Chloe has taken additional workshops in rib mobilization and fascia work and looks forward to continuing to learn and grow as a therapist in the years to come.  In the future she hopes to take courses in equine massage so she can work with both humans and horses.

**Direct billing to most insurance companies available **


Bruno Conicella


Bruno graduated from the Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies Inc in 2016. During his time in school, he has taken multiple courses including rib mobilization, pre & post sport massage therapy which includes soft tissue release, athletic and proprioceptive taping and on-site field management. 

Specializing in orthopedic assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunctions, Bruno forms an individualized treatment plan for clients in order to gain the best results.

Since graduating, Bruno has been continuing his education in CranioSacral Therapy; a gentle touch approach to facilitate the body’s natural, self-healing mechanism to detect and release restriction in mobility and enhance function. Utilizing both his traditional massage and craniosacral skills, Bruno aims to treat the root cause rather than the symptoms.

*Direct bills to most insurance companies*


Fallyn Sinclair


Fallyn is trained with an osteopathic approach for both her assessments and treatments. She graduated from Wellington College of Remedial  Massage Therapies inc. in 2021. 

She has gained experience in soft tissue manipulations, exercise rehabilitation, deep tissue, palliative care, hot stone massage and relaxation. 

Her passion within this field is built off of her willingness to help others. Ensuring that her clients achieve their maximal health and wellness goals while ultimately improving their quality of life.

*Direct bills to most insurance companies*


Claire Lavalle


Claire is a recent grad from Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapy and has been with us since May.

She has always had an interest in the body and helping other. She is looking forward to starting her career by incorporating osteopathic based assessment and treatment to benefit her client’s but also to become a better RMT. Claire's focus at our clinic will be to provide and utilize her assessment and treatment skills.


Cindy Robinson


Bio coming soon

Our Team: Team Members
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